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May the teachings, which are the sole medicine for suffering
And the origin of every joy,
Be materially supported and honored
And abide for a very long time.

By Shantideva, trans. Stephan Batchelor
Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life


The Tibetan Language Institute seeks to provide information on the Tibetan language and culture to all who seek to understand this rich world heritage. Basically, if people lose their language (as is the case for the endangered Tibetan language), they lose their culture. It is not only the Tibetan people's loss, it is the world's loss, too.

This website, our newsletters, and our inmate prison project are freely available. All these activities, plus support for TLI's programs and services--truly depend on your donations and contributions.

Tibetan is an endangered language. As such, also endangered are the jewels of the Buddhadharma, of Tibetan medical knowledge, and of its vast literature (one of the largest canons in the world, most of which has not been translated into Western language). Tibetan Buddhism offers the world a systematic method to reach the highest levels of spirituality; Tibetan culture offers the world unique insight into peaceful coexistence. We sorely need both in these troubled times.

TLI is an educational (501(c) (3)) nonprofit organization incorporated in 1996. TLI’s mission is to promote the study and preservation of Tibetan language, literature and culture through the teaching of the Tibetan language and culture. The Institute is non-sectarian in orientation, teaching a wide array of students from all Tibetan traditions. TLI offers a unique  service in the world--we strive daily to help preserve this world heritage that has so much to offer to our troubled world. Many Lamas and Rinpoches from various traditions have greatly encouraged our efforts (read Letters of Endorsement).


Donations directly allow the Institute to continue its work! Because of your support, we are:


We joyfully provide a vital service and we invite you to help us! Your donations are a welcome contribution to this work and are greatly appreciated.

To donate through Paypal, use the box below on this page. To donate by check, send a check drawn on a U.S. bank, payable to the "Tibetan Language Institute", to the address shown below. Thank you.

The Tibetan Language Institute is incorporated in the United States as a 501(c) (3) organization. As such, donations to TLI are eligible as income tax deductions.


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