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With the Tibetan heritage and its rich contribution to humanity endangered and disappearing, the Tibetan Language Institute works to advance the preservation of the Tibetan language, literature and culture through the teaching of the Tibetan language. To this end, the Institute offers various learning programs and teaching services, lending a hand in making this tradition accessible to the world at large. TLI is non-sectarian in orientation and strives to enable people of all ages, backgrounds and interests to understand and appreciate this multifaceted and prolific cultural tradition.

The TLI mission is implemented in several ways. First and foremost, teaching of Classical Tibetan is a principal activity. The Institute offers ongoing group classes and tutoring in Tibetan plus distance learning opportunities via telephone or correspondence. In addition to offering an annual Summer Program for students at all levels with featured guest speakers, TLI also presents introductory and other seminars throughout the United States.

In addition, TLI has a growing assembly of library collections pertinent to Tibetan language and culture which are written in Tibetan, Sanskrit, Pali, Japanese, and western languages. These collections sustain programs of research, education and publication, helping to save and archive the great works of the Tibetan tradition.

Since 1996, TLI has been publishing a wide range of leaning materials and study aids, mostly written or developed by David Curtis, the founder and executive director.

Lastly, the Tibetan Language Institute would like to build an educational facility in Western Montana which makes the wisdom tradition of Tibet available to all. This facility would house the schoolrooms, library and archives, bookstore, and research facility.


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