Learn Tibetan Via Online Classes with Lama David Curtis

With Lama David’s careful and kind guidance plus a minimum of 1/2 hour per day, students progress through the TLI’s dharma-centered system, with the emphasis moving from learning the basics of the Tibetan alphabet, spelling, and rudimentary grammar (Level I), to developing vocabulary and a sense of the structure of the Tibetan language (Level II), to the finer points of grammar and nuances of meaning in Tibetan sentences (Level III and beyond).

Students experience the joy of learning the Classical Tibetan of their Buddhist texts and prayers.

Our aim is to quickly and systematically bring you, the student, into meaningful engagement with Buddhist texts such as the Heart Sutra, the 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas, The Way of the Bodhisattva, and the many other texts by Tibetan masters.

How our online courses work…

  • Register for a course of your choice.

  • Order your learning materials (manuals, CDs, DVDs, etc.)

  • On the designated time and day, join the webinar link that will be sent to you.

  • Recording links will be sent to you after each class for those who want to review or for those who missed the class.

  • Follow weekly class study guides sent after each class.

“I tried learning Tibetan on my own using online videos, books, and self-study online classes. Although I did learn a bit that way, it just didn’t stick. Lama David has formatted the material in a way that makes it easy to review everyday or at least every time you study. I’m not just familiar with the material, I’ve internalized most of it. I’m very thankful for this course and looking forward to the level II course.”
—Level I Student from November 2020


Help Bring the Profound and Beautiful Tibetan Language to Modern Dharma Students All Over the World

We are committed to supporting practitioners from all Tibetan spiritual lineages by empowering students to read and translate the transcendent language of Classical Tibetan.

TLI is a 501( c)(3) educational nonprofit organization. We often operate with very limited funds. Please help us continue this work.

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