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Learning Tibetan can significantly enhance your study and practice of the Dharma. Study from the convenience of your own home.

Study materials are sold separately.


Tibetan Level 1 Course: Beginner Tibetan

Experience the joy of reading your Dharma texts and prayers in Tibetan!

Start the New year with the goal of beginning to learn this beautiful and transcendent Dharma language.  With Lama David’s gentle and informed guidance, students will learn to spell, pronounce, and read many Tibetan words and Dharma terms, plus learn how to use a Tibetan-English Dictionary. Study materials sold separately (highly recommend the Tibetan Level I Package.

This course is a 10-week course.

Student goal: to study 30 minutes of Tibetan per day.

Study with a teacher who has successfully taught students from all backgrounds since 1993. Lama David has conducted many seminars all across the US, taught over 1000 students in distance learning courses since 2008, and his classes are highly recommended by students, scholars, lamas, and rinpoches.

Class Start Date: Tuesdays, January 23, 2024.

Time: 4:00-5:45 pm US Pacific Time

Duration: 10 Weeks

Hosted on: Zoom and Dropbox

Video Recordings of classes will be available to registered students until June 1, 2024.


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Tibetan Language Institute

How This Course Works

  1. Add this course to your cart. Don’t wait as this class has limits on how many can attend!
  2. Purchase your study materials. We strongly suggest the Tibetan Level I Package for this course (proven student success), but the Level I Workbook is all that is required.
  3. Check out and pay. You will receive a confirmation of your purchase, and then before the class start date, a personal welcome email with course details.
  4. For the duration of the course, class videos, study guides, and homework keys will be made available to you each week as you progress through the course.
  5. Class videos, study guides, and homework keys will be made available to you each week as you progress through the course for the duration of the course.

Required & Suggested Materials

Required & Recommended Materials

Over many years, we’ve seen that students who get the complete Tibetan Level I Package tend to thrive in the Level I Course and to have laid a strong foundation for their further studies. Items in the Tibetan Level I Package can be ordered separately.

Suggested Materials

Course Instructor

The principal instructor at TLI is David Curtis. He has a university degree in Classical language. David began his Dharma studies in 1980, traveling in 1984 to receive teachings from H.H. the Dalai Lama. He lived and trained at Kagyu Ling in France, in 1992 completing the traditional Tibetan Three-Year Retreat in meditation, yoga, and philosophy. Subsequently, David has sought teachings from all schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

In 1993 he began teaching the Tibetan language to students in Los Angeles.  Many Rinpoches from Kagyu and Nyingma lineages have encouraged him to teach Tibetan and guide others in their meditation practice. As a teacher and author, Lama David established the nonprofit Tibetan Language Institute in 1996 and is its president and executive director.

Lama David combines his linguistic skills with a practitioner’s knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism. In 2007, Gochen Tulku Rinpoche (Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche) awarded him the title of Acharya (master teacher).  For more information.

What Students Say about the Level I Course

“It was such a pleasure to find a course that clearly lays out the alphabet and basics of reading Tibetan. I am already using what I learned to spell out the words and mantras in the sadhanas I am practicing, which makes it so much more enjoyable. I looked forward to the course every week, and plan to take Level 2. I highly recommend Lama David to anyone who wants to enrich their understanding of Tibetan Buddhism and the sacred texts.” –Laura, San Francisco Bay area.

“I found this course so helpful because it makes learning a shear delight. Complex grammar and unusual pronunciation is made easy to follow and fun. Lamas David and Deanna lead us into a journey of playful discovery. Its a very agreeable and effective way to learn the basics of the Tibetan Language.”—Susan P.

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