Lamas Endorse David Curtis and Tibetan Language Institute

Lama Anam Rinpoche - Tibetan Language Institute

Anam Thubten Rinpoche
Spiritual Director of the Dharmata Foundation

“Lama David Curtis is one of the excellent teachers for Tibetan language. Not only does he have profound knowledge of the Tibetan language but he also understands the depth of Buddhism from study and practice. David has been teaching so many people Tibetan language and his work has achieved successful results with many people.”

Lama Bokar Rinpoche - Tibetan Language Institute

Bokar Rinpoche (1933-2007)
Lineage Holder of Shangpa Kagyu Lineage

“Dear David,
I am very pleased to learn that you have established the Tibetan Language Institute. You have my sincere support and best wishers that, in the time to come, the Tibetan Language Institute grows, prospers, and serves the many beneficial purposes you intend.”

Lama Gochen Rinpoche - Tibetan Language Institute

Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche
Spiritual Director of Ewam, Nyingma School

“The unique methods of language instruction offered by the [Tibetan Language] Institute have drawn large numbers of students, and the speed and swiftness with which they learn to read and write Tibetan is remarkable. For those who are interested in Tibetan Dharma, cultural and scholarly traditions, history, and stories, this activity—Tibetan language studies—is the most important. As it was said, “The basis of all learning is the written word.”

Lama Thrangu Rinpoche - Tibetan Language Institute

Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche
Abbot of Nalanda Institute at Rumtek

“Dear David,
I am very pleased to learn about the Tibetan Language Institute and your activities to help preserve and propagate the Tibetan language. The course materials that you have prepared are excellent. And I wish you great success in developing a school to teach Tibetan. This can be a vehicle for helping many people.”


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