Staff and Volunteers at the Tibetan Language Institute

David Curtis, President of TLI, has always emphasized that in our office and classes, view is uppermost in importance and that love comes first in all endeavors. Then we build our various office skills and dharma programs from that foundation.

The Office

  • TLI relies on a small staff and many volunteers in order to implement its mission.
  • Dedicated to the core mission and vision of TLI.
  • Passionate about serving the world-wide Dharma community.
  • Multi-tasking part-time employees, managing families and careers at the same time.
  • Creative and intelligent, most learning some Tibetan and attending TLI Tibetan classes and meditation retreats.


TLI’s volunteers have been numerous and have come from all traditions of Tibetan spirituality. Our volunteers are friends and students who have generously supported the vision of TLI. We have a lot of fun putting on seminars and retreats. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering.


Help Bring the Profound and Beautiful Tibetan Language to Modern Dharma Students All Over the World

We are committed to supporting practitioners from all Tibetan spiritual lineages by empowering students to read and translate the transcendent language of Classical Tibetan.

TLI is a 501( c)(3) educational nonprofit organization. We often operate with very limited funds. Please help us continue this work.

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