The Tibetan Language Institute Scholarship Program

We strive to make our Tibetan Language courses and materials as accessible as possible for people who may not be able to afford it, but who are committed to keeping this ancient language alive and thriving.

Frequently Asked Questions

The scholarship program is available for any course and/or study package for Tibetan Langauge Level I, II, and III.

We would like to offer our Tibetan Language Scholarships to those students who are financially in need and have an exceptional commitment to this study. There will be several questions on the scholarship application to help us determine if you would meet these requirements.

If you do not receive a scholarship, you are welcome to join the course/purchase materials of interest at standard cost. If you cannot afford the standard payment options for the course at this time, you are welcome to apply for a scholarship again in the future and continue to stay immersed in our free lectures and Facebook Group.

If you would like to pass on the gift of learning Tibetan, you may donate and contribute to our scholarship fund.

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We are committed to supporting practitioners from all Tibetan spiritual lineages by empowering students to read and translate the transcendent language of Classical Tibetan.

TLI is a 501( c)(3) educational nonprofit organization. We often operate with very limited funds. Please help us continue this work.

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