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Organizing a Workshop/Seminar in Your Area

Take your group's involvement with the Dharma to the next level, facilitating the experience of joy in learning to read texts in Tibetan. Call or email us today to talk about organizing a seminar in your area.


In general, there are many benefits to hosting a seminar, both for the students/sangha members that attend and for the hosting center.

The Tibetan Language Institute has been hosted to teach language seminars all over the United States. David Curtis, the principle instructor, usually teaches the Level I Course, the Level II Course, and Reading/Translation Workshops. For these TLI has developed an excellent suite of support learning materials. During the time that he is at a seminar, David also delivers lectures to the general public on various topics concerning Tibet and its language, literature and culture, stimulating interest in the general topic of Tibet as well as in the learning of the Tibetan language. 

To organize a seminar in your area, please call us for availability and logistics. Here is an idea  of what the sponsoring group's responsibilities:

In order to facilitate the seminar, TLI can help with developing the poster for the seminar (both for print and email distribution). We also can advertise the seminar to our email list (currently at approximately 1200 people), send out brochures by U.S. mail, and we can include your seminar on our calendar and sidebar of this website. David is truly gifted as a teacher, and we at the TLI office do our utmost to help make your seminar successful in all ways.

Past Seminar Locations:

Tucson, AZ (1998 - 2001) 10 seminars at the Bodhisattva Institute
Rochester, NY (1998 - 2006) 9 seminars at the Amitabha Foundation
Bozeman, MT (2001) Namdroling, Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhist Center
San Diego, CA (2002) Private study group
Columbus, OH (2003) The Columbus Karma Thegsum Choling
Gainesville, FL (2003) Tibetan Meditation Center
Junction City, CA (2003) Chagdud Gompa Shedra at  Rigzin Ling
Portland, OR (2003) Kagyu Changchub Chuling, Vajrayana Buddhist Center
Los Angeles, CA (2003 - 2004) 6 seminars: The Yeru Bon Center, the Bowers Museum, the Thrangu Rinpoche Study Group, and 3 seminars hosted by Loyola Marymount University
Arlee, MT (2003 - 2006) 3 seminars for the shedra retreat lead by Tulku Sang-gnag Rinpoche at Ewam, School of Nyingma Buddhism
Seattle, WA (2004) Amrita Center
Olympia, WA (2003) Bodhi House
Berkeley, CA (2003) Dharmata Foundation
Hartford, CT (2005) The Hartford Karma Thegsum Choling
Maui, HI (2005) Private study group


To contact TLI by email: info@tibetanlanguage.org
To contact TLI by telephone: 406/ 961-5131 or 406/ 961-0031
To contact TLI by mail: Tibetan Language Institute, P.O. Box 2037, Hamilton, MT 59840


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