Unique System at TLI for Learning Tibetan


The Tibetan Language Institute offers a unique system for learning Tibetan. There are a few other institutions around the country offering courses and seminars in Tibetan, but these are mostly academic programs geared exclusively toward producing academics (and therefore focused on a minute and non-Buddhist, technical grasp of the language).The academic programs tend to advance at a rate that make many students uncomfortable and quit.

TLI offers programs and services geared toward the intelligent individual who wants to learn Tibetan for Dharma practice and translation of personal texts, learning at a speed which is compatible with a demanding professional and family life. University students have also used TLI's programs and telephone lessons as a means to jump-start studies, finding after completion of our programs that they are at the top of their class because of their firm foundation in grammar.

Benefits of Studying at TLI

In general, because of its outstanding services and programs, students can reap these benefits of studying at TLI:

Learning Tibetan through TLI

TLI manuals and learning materials combined with instructor David Curtis' personal teaching are an effective and efficient means to achieve these goals.

            Ways to learn Tibetan

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To contact TLI by mail: Tibetan Language Institute P.O. Box 2037,  Hamilton, MT 59840

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