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With David Curtis     


Demystifying Tibetan for Dharma Students
In Level III we continue our journey into the wonders of Tibetan language, gradually increasing our familiarity with its vocabulary and grammar. Level III will begin with a look at noun formation, and then we will turn to more in-depth study of particles. Those who have completed a Level II Course are encouraged to join the group.

By completing Level III your ability to understand how it all fits together with a Tibetan text, such as your favorite sadhana, should be much enhanced.


What Rinpoches Have Said


"David Curtis is one of the best teachers of Tibetan Language....It is a rare opportunity. David is not just a language teacher; he is part of an authentic Dharma lineage."  

                                                                                                            --Anam Thubten Rinpoche




"The unique methods of language instruction offered by the Institute have drawn large numbers of students, and the speed and swiftness with which they learn to read and write Tibetan is remarkable."          --Gochen Tulku Rinpoche



David preparing
David Curtis preparing the class              
  calling for class
 Student preparing for the teleconference call


How does the course work?

All you need to do
(1) Register for the class.

(2)Obtain the necessary study materials:  Level III Manual, Level III Flashcards, and Divine Tree Suite. It is also highly recommended that students have the Level II Manual.

3) On the designated time and day, call the special number that will be given to you each week. This is telephone number is not toll free.

4) Have to miss a class?  Just want to listen to the class a second time? Not a problem because included in your registration is a phone number to access a telephone recording of the class (not a computer download). Students tell us over and over that this is a very useful and convenient aspect to the class.

EASY            FUN           INEXPENSIVE


            Date:                           Thursdays September 18 - November 20, 2014


            Time:                           5-6:30 pm     Pacific Time

                                                6-7:30 pm     Mountain Time

                                                7-8:30 pm     Central Time

                                                8-9:30 pm     Eastern Time


            Cost:                          $175 for all ten weeks   


            Required Text:          TLI's Level III Manual, 2nd ed. ($30), Level III Flashcards ($40),

                                               Divine Tree Grammar PoemSuite ($40). David will also refer to

                                               TLI's Level II Manual—most will already have this.



            Instructor:                 David Curtis was given the title Lama upon completion of the traditional                                                                   

                                               three-year retreat under H.E. Kalu Rinpoche in 1992 and founded the
                                               Tibetan Language Institute in 1996. He has an academic background in
                                               classical languages and taught Tibetan to hundreds of Western students
                                               for 21 years. He combines his linguistic skills with a practitioner's
knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism. Gochen Tulku Rinpoche (Tulku
                                               Sang-ngag Rinpoche) has given him the title Acharya (master teacher).


Once registered, students will be sent a phone number to call and password each week.


Please register by Sunday September 11, if possible.

Space is limited and will be given to those registering first.



The suggested donation is $175 for all ten weeks.
For those repeating the class: $108 for all ten weeks

The Level III Manual: $30,   Flashcards: $40, plus shipping costs.




International customers: Contact TLI for a postal quote 

To register for the Level III Teleconference Course for US and order the Level III Manual and Level III Flashcards (shipping address is in the US).
Shipping by media mail--usually 7-10 business days. International customers: contact TLI for a postal quote.




To register for the Level III Teleconference Course for US and order the Level III Manual and Level III Flashcards (shipping address is in the US).
Shipping by priority mail --usually 2 to 3 business days. International customers: contact TLI for a postal quote. 




To register for the Level III Teleconference Course as a repeat Course and order the Level III Flashcards (shipping in the US). 
Shipping is by priority mail—uusally 2-3 business days. International customers: contact TLI for a postal quote.





Please make your check payable to the Tibetan Language Institute and send to the address below. Be sure to include your shipping address, and also note in the memo line "Level III manual, Flashcards, and Level III Course."

Please let us know by email or phone call that you are registering.


Register by Visa or MasterCard:

Please call us at 406/ 961-5131 to pay by credit card for the class and materials. There will be an additional $3.00 convenience fee for this service. If you leave a message, please say your name, date of call, and phone number clearly




For further Information: Call  406/ 961-5131 or  Email:

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