Tibetan Sadhana Vocabulary: Translated Words of Seven Buddhist Sadhanas


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Does your daily meditation practice include reciting in Tibetan? Want to learn what the Tibetan words in your sadhana mean?

This guide will help you with that project.

Using this book you can more quickly and easily:

  • Transform your sadhana visualization practice by learning what you are saying in Tibetan as you recite in Tibetan.
  • Design a basic vocabulary list to meet your individual goals.
  • Develop a basic canonical vocabulary to prepare for retreats.
  • Select out those words most frequently used, less used, or rarely used in these sadhanas.

Only 4 left in stock (can be backordered)


This guide is based on a count of all the words found in seven well-known peaceful sadhanas: Chenrezik, Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, Ngondro-Refuge Practice, Ngondro-Vajrasattva, Ngondro-Mandala Practice, and Ngondro -Guru Yoga.

Especially helpful for those who can read the Tibetan uchen script.

The book includes:

  • Tibetan words and phrases (in uchen script and phonetics)
  • English translation of Tibetan words
  • Tibetan-to-English and English-to-Tibetan indexes
  • Helpful appendices to support the beginning translator

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