A Primer for Classical Literary Tibetan – Volumes 1 & 2


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This is the second edition of the popular “Primer for Classical Literary Tibetan” and is a great resource for all students attempting to learn literary Tibetan.

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A Primer for Classical Literary Tibetan By John Rockwell, Jr.
Volume 1: The Grammar
Volume 2: The Reader

The Rockwell Primer is an excellent, wonderful resource for students learning classical literary Tibetan. This 2nd edition contains sentences drawn from actual texts rather than simple sentences. As such, it is most helpful to students who have completed TLI’s Level II Workbook.

Divided into two volumes, the Primer covers all aspects of Tibetan literary grammar in a step-by-step approach, with reading exercises to complement each lesson.

Volume 1 includes:

  • 18 lessons, exercises, and answer key.
  • Appendices:
    • Tibetan calligraphy in uchen and ume
    • A summary of Tibetan particles and pronunciation
    • A guide for how to parse a Tibetan sentence
    • Tibetan transliteration of Sanskrit
    • Notes to The Ornament of Precious Liberation written by Gampopa, foremost student of the great yogi Milarepa

Volume 2 includes:

  • Short readings in Tibetan from Gampopa’s The Ornament of Precious Liberation (also known in the West as the Jewel Ornament of Liberation) meant to enhance the student’s understanding of the grammar.
  • A format that facilitates student notation of text

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