Introduction to the Tibetan Language – Level III Workbook


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The manual is divided into 5 sections: grammar, vocabulary, a Tibetan-to-English glossary, an English-to-Tibetan glossary, and a homework section. Designed as part of a complete course for the beginning/intermediate learner. (Level III Package)

In stock (can be backordered)


In Level III, students continue their journey into the wonders of the sacred Tibetan language, gradually increasing familiarity with its vocabulary and grammar. By completing Level III, your ability to understand how it all fits together within a Tibetan text such as your favorite sadhana should be much enhanced.

We strongly recommend the complete Level III Package . Get the tools designed to support your studies.

Topics in The Level III Workbook include:

  • Ways of making noun formations
  • A more in-depth study of grammatical particles (introduced in Level II)
  • A brief preview of Tibetan verbs
  • Essential Dharma-Tibetan vocabulary, such as that found in the 12 Links of Dependent Origination
  • Alphabetic Tibetan-English Glossary




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