Introduction to the Tibetan Language – Level I Workbook


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Lama David Curtis designed this Introduction to Tibetan Language, Level I, 2nd Edition, with Glossary: A People’s Guide to Classical Tibetan, The Sacred Language of Tibetan Buddhism as part of a complete course which we strongly recommend for beginners (see the Beginners/Level I Package). Used with great success by Dharma students from all over the world, this workbook represents a distillation of numerous resources, refined through practical teaching experience to meet the needs of beginning Tibetan students.

Amanda V, LV 1 student says: Learning the Tibetan alphabet and the seven elements [of learning to read a Tibetan syllable] has made my Dharma practice a rich experience. Now when I read Sadhanas with the English translation, my pronunciation has improved. It’s fun–I want to continue learning Tibetan. 

In stock (can be backordered)


Tashi Delegs! This is the place to start on your journey in learning to read your Dharma texts and prayers in Tibetan.

You, too, can learn Tibetan. We’d like to help.

The great scholars who created Classical Tibetan left the world a beautiful legacy. Exploring the river of the Classical Tibetan language leads to a secret land (a bay yul) that not many people visit. That is the journey that the Level I Workbook allows you to embark upon. Many of us have found it a very beautiful, profoundly meaningful and joyful voyage.

The Level I Workbook:

  • Introduces reading and writing using Tibetan uchen script.
  • Focuses on key Dharma vocabulary that Lamas use frequently, even when teaching in English.
  • Demystifies Tibetan dictionary usage.

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