Level I DVD – Introduction to Tibetan


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This DVD set is intended to be used with the Level I Workbook. It is based on Lama David’s highly successful course on learning to read Tibetan, condensed into a three-hour presentation, in a studio-recorded 2 DVD set.

Rob H, TLI student says: “I love my Level 1 DVD. I can work at my own pace every day and revisit lectures when I want a quick refresher on a subject or pronunciation. It honestly is the next best thing to attending a class.”

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Using this DVD set is a wonderful way to learn or review the topics in the Level I Course—it is the only Tibetan language instruction in English available on DVD. With TLI’s Level I Workbook open in front of you, watch and learn as Lama David Curtis expertly guides you through the various topics on your way to learning to read Classical Tibetan.

From the Level I DVD: Lama David Curtis teaches the Tibetan alphabet.

Supportive Resources
 Print out the Tibetan Alphabet with Phonetics PDF
 Watch Lama David Curtis teach the Tibetan alphabet

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