The Three Principal Aspects of the Path Translation Workbook


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Become a better reader of Tibetan and engage more deeply with authentic Dharma teachings.

The Three Princpal Aspects of the Path by Je Tsongkhapa (1357-1419) is a concise and beautifully crafted text, rich in Buddhist philosophical meaning. In just 14 verses, it offers a brief, highly-polished summary of the path (lamrim) to enlightenment. The Three Principal Aspects of the Path can be regarded as a highly condensed version of the Lamrim Chenmo, Tsongkhapa’s magnum opus.  Despite being over 600 years old, it is still an important text in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.


In stock (can be backordered)


With Selections from Related Texts

By working with actual Tibetan Buddhist texts, beginning readers have the opportunity to practice spelling and reading out loud, as well as to review the grammar and vocabulary they have studied in grammar courses.

This student-friendly workbook includes:

  • Workbook pages formatted for ease of translation and note-taking, with only four lines of Tibetan per page
  • Unique grammatical parsing table for each verse–each syllable explained and translated
  • Bilingual parallel text
  • Tibetan reading practice pages


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