Tibetan-English Dictionary by H. Jaschke


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An excellent Tibetan-to-English dictionary! With hundreds of quotes from the Tibetan saint Milarepa, the Tibetan Book of the Dead ( the Bardo Thodol in Tibetan), and other Dharma sources. Includes an English-to-Tibetan glossary.

Would like to understand the Tibetan words in your Buddhist sadhana? This dictionary is a guide for beginning to develop a sadhana vocabulary, an easier task than you might think.

In stock (can be backordered)


In his highly regarded work The Classical Tibetan Language, author Stephan Beyer says about the Jaschke dictionary: “I do not think that any other scholar of Tibetan has ever equaled the linguistic insight exhibited in this dictionary.”

Lama David Curtis highly recommends this dictionary for all who study Classical Tibetan and especially for those in the TLI Courses.

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