Tibetan Language Pre-Primer: Learning to Read the Short Chenrezig Sadhana


Tibetan Language Pre-Primer by Dr. Cathy Kielsmeier fills a gap in currently available Tibetan instructional materials. In this manual you will find a most gentle introduction to foundational “pre-primer” skills of learning to read in Tibetan.


Tibetan Language Pre-Primer: Learning to Read the Short Chenrezig Sadhana by Dr. C. Keilsmeier

The information on learning to read Tibetan is presented in an organized, sequential, and humorous manner with many examples and related exercises. As you learn each step, it is immediately meshed with learning to read the short Chenrezik Sadhana. By the time you have completed this book, you will know all the words in the Chenrezik Sadhana—an accomplishment for a beginning student.

An excellent companion to TLI’s Level I study materials and an item included in our best-selling Beginner’s Level I Package.

Sarah Harding, translator with the Tsadra Foundation and lama in the Shangpa Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism writes:  “The humor and illustrations keep [the topics in the Pre-Primer] from bogging down and help the beginner appreciate what fun it is to learn this language. Using the Chenrezig sadhana as a focus is especially good for practitioners making their first tentative foray into studying the Tibetan language.”

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