December Tibetan Language

By Telephone Conference Call
Tuesday: December 3, 10, 17, 2019



Why Tibetan Language Mini-Courses?

This is an opportunity to take your study and appreciation of Tibetan to a whole new level: Review the basics of Tibetan, read some passages from inspiring texts, get your questions answered. This class will be exciting and fun—David will guide you through authentic Tibetan prayers.This course can take your study and appreciation of the beauty and power of Tibetan to a whole new level.

Everyone's encouraged to participate!




December  3, 10, 17, 2019

We meet on TUESDAYS:
5-6:30 Pacific Time 
6-7:30 pm Mountain Time
7-8:30 pm Central Time
8-9:30 pm Eastern Time


Required Text: 

To be announced.



If you've completed the Level I Course: this is an appropriate class for you. David will explain each word. There will, however, be grammar points that are beyond what you've done. Nevertheless this is a chance to learn important Tibetan vocabulary, get a taste for Tibetan grammar, and start finding out what some common prayers actually mean in Tibetan.

If you've completed the Level II Course or beyond: this is an opportunity to see how grammar applies to a real text, plus of course, to learn important new vocabulary. These classes are also a chance to keep connected to Tibetan and the community of Tibetan language learners in between "semesters" of our regular ten-week course.



$60-$75 for entire course (not including class materials). Once registered, students will be sent the telephone number and access code. We encourage those students who can give a little more to do so: this helps make these classes available to all.


Type of telephone: 

Regular phone line works best for teleconference calls. Cell phones also work, but Skype cannot be used because it creates too much static on the line. 


Recordings of lessons will be available
Students will be sent link to a telephone recording of each class, and these recordings are available for one month after their recording. If you cannot attend the "live" class, you can still register and attend via telephone recording. So even if you get busy during the Christmas season, you will have some time in January to complete the course.



David Curtis was given the title of Lama upon completion of the traditional Tibetan Three-Year Retreat, and then in 2007 he was awarded the title of Acharya (Master Teacher). He has dedicated himself since retreat to teaching the Tibetan language and Buddhism, grounded in his love of the Dharma and his desire to share that with others.


Please support this class with a donation: For those who would like to support this class -- thank you!
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The suggested donation is $60 - $75 (this does not include the study materials).
We encourage those students who can give a little more to do so: this helps make these classes available to all.





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