Tibetan Level I Package


Best-selling package. Includes the Level I Workbook, Flashcards, Pre-Primer, Tibetan-English Dharma Vocabulary, and Tibetan-English dictionary. Lama David highly recommends you get this package for your beginning studies—it has everything you need to help you learn to read Tibetan words.


Experience the Joy of Learning to Read in Tibetan

We specialize in teaching Tibetan to those interested in the various spiritual traditions of Tibet. If you want to learn Tibetan—Classical or colloquial—our complete Beginner’s Package is the best place to start.

Whether you are in TLI’s Level I Course or learning by yourself at home, having the proper learning materials can make a huge difference in your learning experience. Ours have a reputation for being thorough, fun, and directly applicable.  Based on having taught hundreds and hundreds of Tibetan language students, Lama David highly recommends the Beginner’s Package to begin your Tibetan studies.

The bestselling Level I Beginner’s Package includes:

Jim L., TLI student says: “A primary hope of mine was that learning classical Tibetan would deepen my understanding and love of Buddhadharma. It has done so immeasurably, and much, much more…”

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Weight 90 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 11.5 × 2.65 in

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