Tibetan Level II Package


Support your study of Tibetan grammar with the complete Level II Package.


The Level II Package presents the fundamentals of Tibetan grammar and syntax—the necessary next step on the journey to reading Tibetan. Build on topics learned in the Level I Workbook. The Level II Workbook lays an excellent foundation for further studies in the Divine Tree Grammar Poem Suite and beginning translation of short prayers in the Tibetan Language Reader, Part I.

The goal is to work with sadhana practice texts, as well as core Buddhist texts such as The Heart Sutra and The 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas.

When you buy the Level II Package, you have the study materials you need to succeed, and you save on the cost of shipping items individually.

This Package Includes:

Learning a language is my idea of heaven and studying Tibetan with you brings me much joy.—Leonora, Level 2 student.

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