Tibetan Language Reader, Part I


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Enhance your understanding of the Dharma by reading in Tibetan many of the prayers you may already be familiar with. Many of our students have found this a transformative experience.

In stock (can be backordered)


Short Texts with Translation Worksheets and Glossary

Become familiar with the Tibetan in often-heard Dharma prayers

A wonderful collection of various short prayers and verses designed to provide reading practice for beginning students who are working with the Level II Workbook and who have learned to read the Tibetan u-chen script and to use the dictionary. This workbook contains a series of short, easy-to-understand liturgical texts common to many Buddhist lineages found in Tibet. Each brief text is self-contained and the selections are representative of Classical Tibetan literary style.

This workbook includes a set of student-friendly Translation Worksheets for use with each selection. A great way to both expand your vocabulary and understanding of oft-seen and heard Dharma prayers. The worksheets are designed to facilitate making notations when parsing these texts for vocabulary and syntax as part of the development of rudimentary translation skills. This first-attempt-at-translation workbook also includes a very useful line-by-line glossary.

The TL Reader, Part I includes:

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