• Tibetan-English Dharma Vocabulary Tibetan Vocabulary by Kielsmeier - Tibetan Language Institute
    This package is intended for those who can read the Tibetan uchen script. It includes:
    • The Tibetan-English Dharma Vocabulary (as instructed by Kalu Rinpoche). This book is laid out so that you can easily learn essential topics that are heard often from Lamas and Rinpoches during Dharma talks. The Four Noble Truths, Twelve Interdependent Links of Causation, Four Obscurations, Three Bodies of a Buddha plus much, much more. 
    • The Tibetan Sadhana Vocabulary by Dr. Cathy Kielsmeier. This book helps you learn the basic words that are found in seven common sadhanas or practice texts of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. 
  • The Divine Tree is a 100-line Tibetan mnemonic poem that teaches the basic rules of Tibetan grammar. This suite includes materials designed to assist in learning the foundational rules of Tibetan grammar.
  • The 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas by Gyelsay Tokmay Zangpo continues to be a core teaching of all schools of Tibetan Buddhism, and its message is both vital and inspiring for those trying to build a more compassionate world.

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