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Among Tibetan Texts: History and Literature of the Himalayan Plateau (by E. Gene Smith)

"Gene Smith opened more doors to Tibetan Buddhism than any scholar of the 20th century. These essays are the keys." --Prof. Donald Lopez

"No one knows the full range of Tibetan literature better than Gene Smith. His introductions to Tibetan works are priceless." --Prof. Jeffrey Hopkins

After a thirty-year overseas career in the Library of congress, Gene became the Director of the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center in Cambridge, MA.

"No one knows Tibetan literature better than Gene Smith. [These essays] are so valuable as to be priceless." -Prof. Jeffrey Hopkins, author of Cultivating Compassion

"These essays are all characterized by Gene's astonishingly encyclopedic knowledge, delivered with a kind of easy elegance that makes his erudition look effortless. They are a pleasure to read." --Stephan V. Beyer, author of The Cult of Tara

To anyone trying to find their way among Tibetan texts, this is essential reading." --Shambhala Sun

"Smith is a legendary figure in the history of Tibetan Buddhist studies. He was a field officer for the Library of Congress from 1968-1985 and used that position to salvage and subsequently publish more Tibetan literature than, well, anyone. This volume contains seventeen independent essays and introductions he wrote for some of the published volume. Virtually all of them are seminal in the fields of Tibetan and Buddhist studies, which deserve the new audience this volume will attract. Most of the volume on which Smith comments are not those you will find in your local bookstore, which makes this work especially important. Anyone with an interest in Tibetan Buddhist textuality, literary history, and reading between the lines of Tibetan religion should have this book." --Religious Studies Review


Tibetan Literature: Studies in Genre (ed. by Jose Ignacio Cabezon and Roger R. Jackson)

This work is an unprecedented survey of the range of literary expressions developed by the Tibetan people. Tibet possesses a literature that stretches back over 1300 years and is one of the great literary traditions of Asia in terms both of its size and range of influence. It is an important repository of Buddhist teachings, but also of lyrical and epic poetry, a novel, biographies, histories, and writings on topics as diverse as law, ritual, medicine, art, poetics and geography. Despite its size and influence and the growing Western interest in Buddhism, the majority of Tibetan literature remains little known in the West.

Dedicated to Geshe Lhundup Sopa, a Tibetan scholar/monk who has done much to open Western eyes to his country's religious and literary treasures, Tibetan Literature is the first book to address the immense variety of Tibet's literary heritage. An introductory essay by the editors attempts to assess the overall nature of "literature" in Tibet, and to understand some of the ways in which it may be analyzed into "genres." The remainder of the book contains articles by nearly 30 scholars from America, Europe and Asia, each of whom addresses an important genre of Tibetan Literature.

Tibetan Literature is the most comprehensive survey of its subject so far attempted, and the access it provides to one of the most important literary traditions of Asia will be appreciated by students of history, religion, and comparative literature alike.


Tibetan Language Materials

The Tibetan Language Institute specializes in Tibetan learning materials for Dharma students.

The Tibetan Language Institute has one of the largest Tibetan language study on-line bookstores in the US, and many of the titles are unique to our bookstore.

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Print Dictionaries

The Tibetan Language Institute carries a wide selection of print dictionaries for the Tibetan language student. David recommends that students use the Jaschke Dictionary, along with the electronic Illuminator and electronic Das dictionary.

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Electronic Dictionaries and Glossaries

The Tibetan Language Institute has many electronic dictionaries available. For more information about Tibetan Computer Company (TCC) products, click here.  We also carry the Rangjung Yeshe Dictionary.  TLI has many of these products listed at reduced prices.

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Electronic Texts

The Tibetan Language Institute has many electronic texts available. Please note that these texts are in Tibetan only. For more information about Tibetan Computer Company (TCC) products, click here.

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