Colloquial Package

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COLLOQUIAL PACKAGE Learn to speak modern Tibetan!

Learning Practical Tibetan

A revised version of Tibetan Phrasebook. Many students have expressed that this book and tapes are a wonderful language tool and much more than a phrasebook. So the Tibetan Phrasebook was expanded into a larger format and now includes the Tibetan script in addition to the phonetic system, making it useful as a practical Tibetan language study tool. It begins by introducing both a phonetic system and a simple yet complete grammar. In addition to containing phrases and dialogues, each chapter is preceded by useful information, vocabulary, and some pointers about Tibetan customs and etiquette. The appendices include these helpful sections: numbers, dates, days and time, dates of festivals, religious and monastic vocabulary and a general vocabulary.

Optional: Two 90-minute cassette tapes to accompany this book . See Tibetan Phrasebook tapes .

"Excellent for beginners in colloquial Tibetan--easy to use and to learn from!" David Curtis, President TLI


Learning Practical Tibetan: MP3 (Andrew Bloomfield &Yanki Tshering)

3-hour MP3 disc to accompany Learning Practical Tibetan book. These MP3 files play on computers or MP3 players.


LEARN TIBETAN : Essential Words and Phrases for Absolute Beginners (Eurotalk Interactive) CD-ROM.

A lively and entertaining introduction to Tibetan language. This well-designed package makes learning Tibetan feel like a game. It offers a large vocabulary. You can record your voice and compare your pronunciation with native speakers. There are quizzes and a challenging memory game. Windows: VGA w/256 colors, sound card, 486 or above, 8 Mb RAM, CD-ROM, microphone optional. Apple Macintosh:  Color Macintosh, 68030 processor or above, 8 Mb RAM, CD-ROM, microphone optional.


Manual of Standard Tibetan

This is an introduction to standard Tibetan (spoken and written) followed by an appendix on Classical literary Tibetan.

“The best resource available for teaching modern spoken Tibetan bar none.” A detailed introduction to the everyday speech of Lhasa. A delight to read. Two CDs provide an essential oral component.

  Complete Colloquial Package

Additional colloquial learning materials:


Fluent Tibetan


New Tibetan-English Dictionary of Modern Tibetan (Goldstein)


English-Tibetan Dictionary of Modern Tibetan (Goldstein)


 Basic Grammar of Modern Tibetan (Tashi)


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Tibetan Phrasebook Practice Tapes (Yanki Tshering)

This set of two cassettes is a companion to Learning Practical Tibetan (above). The clearest, most helpful tapes for learning Tibetan available. Highly recommended by David Curtis.


Say It in Tibetan: Conversations in Colloquial Tibetan


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