• Learning Tibetan can significantly enhance your study and practice of the Dharma. Study from the convenience of your own home. Study materials are sold separately.
  • Best-selling package. Includes the Level I Workbook, audio CD, DVD of the Level I Course, Flashcards, Pre-Primer, and Tibetan-English dictionary. Lama David highly recommends you get this package for your beginning studies—it has everything you need to help you learn to read Tibetan words.
  • Building on a foundation of the study of words, phrases and sentences in Tibetan, the student will begin to integrate material presented in the Level 1 course, learning how Tibetan works as a language. This course lays the foundation for the successful reading of Tibetan texts and participation in the Level III Reading Course.
  • Completing the Level II Course, students are empowered to delve deeper into their study of Tibetan using various TLI reader/translation workbooks. As with previous courses, the group reads and studies a Classical Tibetan text such as the Heart Sutra in conjunction with the study of The Divine Tree Grammar Poem and Commentary. With Lama David as your experienced guide, we will study in an integrated manner to learn more about Tibetan grammar and vocabulary, as well as about Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Lama David Curtis designed this Introduction to Tibetan Language, Level I, 2nd Edition, with Glossary: A People’s Guide to Classical Tibetan, The Sacred Language of Tibetan Buddhism as part of a complete course which we strongly recommend for beginners (see the Beginners/Level I Package). Used with great success by Dharma students from all over the world, this workbook represents a distillation of numerous resources, refined through practical teaching experience to meet the needs of beginning Tibetan students.
    Amanda V, LV 1 student says: Learning the Tibetan alphabet and the seven elements [of learning to read a Tibetan syllable] has made my Dharma practice a rich experience. Now when I read Sadhanas with the English translation, my pronunciation has improved. It’s fun--I want to continue learning Tibetan. 
  • Designed as part of a complete course for the beginning/intermediate learner (Level II Package).
  • These flashcards are being used by students all over the world to learn basic Tibetan vocabulary. They contain all of the carefully chosen vocabulary words from both the Level I Workbook and Level II Workbook (over 250 words).
  • Support your study of Tibetan grammar with the complete Level II Package.
  • The Divine Tree is a 100-line Tibetan mnemonic poem that teaches the basic rules of Tibetan grammar. This suite includes materials designed to assist in learning the foundational rules of Tibetan grammar.
  • Does your daily meditation practice include reciting in Tibetan? Want to learn what the Tibetan words in your sadhana mean? This guide will help you with that project. Using this book you can more quickly and easily:
    • Transform your sadhana visualization practice by learning what you are saying in Tibetan as you recite in Tibetan.
    • Design a basic vocabulary list to meet your individual goals.
    • Develop a basic canonical vocabulary to prepare for retreats.
    • Select out those words most frequently used, less used, or rarely used in these sadhanas.
  • This book offers to acquaint students with the vocabulary most often encountered in the Tibetan tradition of oral and written Dharma.
  • These flash cards have been designed to help students studying the Dharma in Tibetan.

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