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    Building on a foundation of the study of words, phrases and sentences in Tibetan, the student will begin to integrate material presented in the Level 1 course, learning how Tibetan works as a language. This course lays the foundation for the successful reading of Tibetan texts and participation in the Level III Reading Course.
  • Does your daily meditation practice include reciting in Tibetan? Want to learn what the Tibetan words in your sadhana mean? This guide will help you with that project. Using this book you can more quickly and easily:
    • Transform your sadhana visualization practice by learning what you are saying in Tibetan as you recite in Tibetan.
    • Design a basic vocabulary list to meet your individual goals.
    • Develop a basic canonical vocabulary to prepare for retreats.
    • Select out those words most frequently used, less used, or rarely used in these sadhanas.
  • An excellent Tibetan-to-English dictionary! With hundreds of quotes from the Tibetan saint Milarepa, the Tibetan Book of the Dead ( the Bardo Thodol in Tibetan), and other Dharma sources. Includes an English-to-Tibetan glossary. Would like to understand the Tibetan words in your Buddhist sadhana? This dictionary is a guide for beginning to develop a sadhana vocabulary, an easier task than you might think.

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